The Great Canadian EV Road Trip

The adventure is on!

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Welcome to our electrifying adventure!

Join us as we embark on a journey fueled not only by the electricity that propels our truck, but also by an unwavering passion for environmental sustainability.

With each kilometer covered, we invite you to follow along as we redefine our relationship with the road and the planet, unveil the untapped potential of electric vehicles, overcome charging challenges, and discover the wonders and hidden gems that Canada has to offer.

Together, let’s inspire change for a future where clean transportation is embraced, and our planet thrives once more!

Creating a Larger EV Community

We are actively creating EV awareness events across Canada by connecting with like minds. Together we work to inform Canadians of new technology that is making a big difference towards sustainability.

Planning and Preparation

Before embarking on an expedition, we spend time researching and planning the logistics, objectives, and necessary equipment for the journey.

Navigation and Orientation

We skillfully traverse unfamiliar and challenging terrain such as dense forests, towering mountains, and expansive deserts.

Sustainable Transportation

By using an electric vehicle, we contribute to a more sustainable mode of transportation, reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact during our journey.

Journey Documenting

We document our experiences through writing, photography, and videography. This helps to capture memories and share our expedition's progress with others.